Hi, and welcome to Poop for Plants

If you’re a guinea pig, rabbit, chook, sheep, cow or horse owner, you’ll understand what it’s like to have an abundance of poops from your pets.
Many of us struggle each week, filling the council bins, and sending it to landfill…. What a waste!
What do you do with it? It’s great for the compost pile, the garden, good for worm farms too ……
I created the group and website so those who have excess poops can offer it – and those seeking some poops for their own composting or garden, can ask for it.
The idea is that you might find someone closeby that you can form an ongoing venture with – you supply them poop, they may supply you compost or similar for your needs.
Some folks like the idea of offering something in return, be it produce, jam, worms, etc
– no one is obligated to do this.
– It’s welcomed and encouraged to get to know others in your neighbourhood.
If you have an ongoing supply that you need to offload regularly, you could be a poop supplier to several people in your area.
Perhaps suggest they might to setup leaving a bucket or bag with you, and return at an arranged time to collect and leave another bucket, and so on.
Animal waste is important for gardeners – for garden beds, compost piles and also in worm farms too. We need to reuse this precious resource, and stop it being dumped as land fill.
It’s about community and sustainability for our environment.
We know we should start changing our habits to protect this planet we call home.
Whether this is by saving water, recycling and reusing everyday materials, using public transport, solar power etc
We all are aware too how there are now so many people on the planet, there are questions about how we will be able to feed us all.
Every great journey starts with a single step.
Take the plunge……  Grow something you can eat.
Your backyard, terrace or even your balcony can play a small part.
Embark on something new – grow something you can eat – maybe just a tomato plant, some capsicums in a pot, or a mini herb garden in a hanging basket.
By growing something you can actually eat, you will save money, and the food will taste so much better anyway. No chemicals, no long transit delays – fresh from the plant to you. You might even find you enjoy it.