POOP FOR PLANTS is a relatively simple idea – to have all those people with excess poops all in one place – so if you need some poop, you can find those people, and go get some!
There are always more people looking for poops than actually have it themselves – so they’ll come looking for it here.
This also means that if you have excess poops, and you are listed here – their chances of finding you are really good!

SIGNUP and SIGN IN – Create an account


To join the site, and add your poop listing – first you need to create an account,  this is SIGN UP. You’ll need to provide an email address, location etc, and create your username and password for your account.

Your information is only used by the site for location/mapping, and will not be shared or sold. You can come back and edit your listing anytime. Your listing my appear in more than one category.

You’ll be contacted via the email address you have provided. As a supplier, you may include your telephone contact number in the text section of your listing. * * *  This is done at your own discretion, the site is not responsible for who can see it or use it for their own purposes.


If you are looking to get some poops for your garden – your SIGNUP is even simpler. Provide an email address and a password, that’s it. You need to have signed up to access the listings, and contact the advertisers directly – when you come back to the site next time, you need to SIGN IN to your account before you can search.



The website itself had to be built by a web developer here in Australia, and needs to be hosted each month, so the public can see and use it. These both cost money.

AS creator and admin of this website, I have paid for the website, web design and monthly hosting since it began.

Upon launch, many people were opposed to me charging a fee for using the site, either as a seeker or supplier – so I made it FREE for everyone to use.

Therefore, the site needs to pay for its ongoing maintenance and monthly hosting – so feel free to donate a few dollars if you would like to see it stay open and helping the community.

Perhaps you have found a local supplier and saved some big dollars by not having to buy manure from a garden centre.


1. “Poop for Plants” is a registered business name, owned by the admin.

2. The website domain name www.poopforplants.com.au – is also owned by the admin.

As there is no money changing hands for the poops, the only way to share/recoup some of the ongoing costs to run the website, is to request voluntary donations from the people who will use it.

To make a donation towards keeping the site open to you, the public – there is a DONATE HERE button at the bottom of the page.

Buying and selling of poops and any associated products is not allowed.

By helping those with excess poops offload it, and save it from landfill – that’s the main goal.

Only members can contact other members directly. Your details are not available for the general public.

Those seeking poops those must signup as a member to use the site.

These are the people that have poops to offload to gardeners.
It’s FREE TO LIST your excess poops here – so people that are looking for poops can find you, and contact you directly.
SIGNUP to create your account, and list your poops.
These are the people that are looking for poops for their gardens.
It’s FREE to SIGNUP and search for poops by location or type.
You need to be a registered member to access the listings and contact the advertisers.
What about PRIVACY
You can be contacted only by other members that have joined the site themselves.
Unlike Facebook, your contact information and personal information is not on public display. It’s up to you to provide the basic information the site requires so that your listing can be found easily by your potential customers.
So basically, if you want to be Craig Brown from Brisbane 4000, then you can be – no one will see your workplace, school or footy team choice.
Your information will not be onsold, or used by anyone other than the owners of this site, to ensure your listing works for you.