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Firstly – you need to decide if you want to be a SUPPLIER of poops to others,

or you are a SEEKER looking for for poops for your garden.

As you do not already have an account, you cannot SIGN IN until it’s created.



Start on ADD A LISTING – as you will see, it informs you there is no charge – click to proceed.

On the next screen you will see it asks you, top right – Sign into account, or Create account – click the one relevant to you. You get to choose a username and password.

CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT: When you Create an account, the system will ask you for your name, location, email address etc. This is all so that the mapping can locate your listing thru the website. All of this information is private and not seen by anyone.

Follow the prompts to place your listing – choose a poop category, write some text about what you have, give your suburb location, even add a photo if you like.  A colourful pic will attract customers to your listing.

CONTACT: Customers wanting to respond to your advert will contact you on the email address you provided. If you want to include a telephone contact number in the text part of your ad, you may do so, but the site takes no responsibility for who may see it or use it.

All listings need to be approved by admin before they are publicly shown.



– You will also need to create an account for yourself, so you can use the site and access the listings, and contact the advertisers directly.

Click SIGN UP – and the screen (top right) will ask you to give a name and email address. As you do not have a listing for others to see, you do not need to give much more info that that to join the site. Once you have an account yourself, you can contact the suppliers directly thru the site.



Those individuals that create bogus ads, profiles and add irrelevant pics will simply be deleted and blocked by admin. Spam emails etc will also be deleted and blocked.

Please contact admin if you have any issues:

The aim of our group is to divert manure from landfill, and get it into backyard gardens instead – working for the environment.

No manure or produce may be charged for, in either money or bartering for other products.

If you want to charge people for the poops you have available, please join your local BUY/SELL group instead.


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