“Poop for Plants” began as a Facebook group in October 2018

The basic principle is to help those with excess poops connect with those gardeners that want this resource for their gardens.

So, as members of our website, a few basic rules to help it run efficiently – if we all choose to follow, the website will become a great community minded place.


  1. PAYMENTS: There is NO SELLING of Poops or produce here on the site. You may not ask for payment for the poops that people come and collect from you.
  2. SWAPPING: Some folks like the idea of being a bit community minded – swapping produce such as vegetables, honey, seedlings, lemons etc in exchange for the poops they collect. This is allowed and it is at your own discretion between the supplier and seller. There is no obligation to do this.
  3. MANNERS: Be pleasant and courteous – manners cost nothing. A please and a thank you will always get you a lot more than an “I want”
  4. NO SHOWS: It’s a poop group. If you want to collect poops from someone and they put it aside for you, please try and turn up – or if something happens and you can’t make your pickup as arranged – at least notify them. Then, if you need to cancel, they can offer the poops to the next interested person.
  5. COMMERCIAL LISTINGS, MARKETING, OTHER GROUPS/LINKS – Please do not place commercial listings or links on the website. If you are a commercial enterprise and want to place an advert here for your business/ service, please email me first: poopforplants@gmail.com
  6. HAVE SOME FUN!! – yep, it’s a poop group. Have a little fun, keep it lighthearted, and that will make it a nice community to be part of. Pop a nice pic on your listing, use a catchy headline if you like, just be honest about the product you have to offer to others.


As a supplier, can I list multiple types of poops on my listing? – yes, you can advertise yourself in several categories with the one single listing – ie, you have rabbits and guinea pig poops, your ad can appear in both for searches by poop seekers.



I will remain the admin for the website, as I have done for the Facebook groups.

All listings must be approved by me to appear publicly on the website.

If you would like to contact me, please do so via email:   poopforplants@gmail.com

Regards Robyn