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Using poops in your gardens

Using poops for your garden is a great way to make use of a resource that is currently wasted. Tonnes of it ends up in council bins and off to landfill every week.

Gardeners know that it has magical properties to improve soil health and composition. When added to our gardens and composting, manure can encourage plant health, microbial activity, decomposition and worm activity too.

In nature, it’s all about cycles. Plants grow, reproduce and die, it all goes back to the earth from where it came.

So how do people use poops in their gardens?

Vegetable gardens are a great spot for some good poops. Dig it in fresh, it will give body to poor soils, and help to retain moisture too. Some types of poop are better left to ‘mature’ a little before using them, others need to be soaked to become more gooey and pliable for garden use.

Composting is the collection of materials such as clippings, leaves, food scraps, sawdust etc and creating a pile. Over time, the pile will heat up as the microbial beasts go to work, breaking down the plant materials. Worms will come up from under the ground to feast on it too. Turning over the layers in the pile with a pitchfork or similar regularly, will ensure the compost stays active and healthy. Some moisture too will help with the process. Composting creates heat, so can render nuisance seeds incapable of reshooting if placed back into the gardens.

Worm farms – worms love to gobble up food scraps, small plant clippings etc – setup your worm farm in the shade so they do not cook during the warmer weather. No onions or citrus for worms. Start your worm farm by building the base level first, once established, add another level etc. There’s also worm farms that are half buried in the ground so the worms can come and go as they like. A few poops into the mixture of goodies you offer them will ensure a good compost mix once they’re finished. Your worm farm will produce ‘worm tea’ if setup to do so, it’s great fertilizer too.

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