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What kinds of poop are here

Call it manure, poop, droppings, or poo – there’s loads of variety…. and it’s good for gardens.

Here at POOP FOR PLANTS we mainly have listings for: guinea pig, rabbit, chicken, sheep, horse and cow poop.

Some of the members have several pets at home and produce large quantities of poops, and they want to share it around instead of binning it.

As with many gardening products, personal safety when handling poops is important.

Always wear gloves, and wash your hands thoroughly after exposure.

If you have animals that are unwell, been given large quantities of medications, or have passed away thru illness, please do not share those poops here on the page. We do not need to be sharing nasty bugs and germs that can affect other peoples pets in their own yards.

Note: dog, cat, pigeon and pig poops cannot be offered here on the page.



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